Scream Queen


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Stoner Vibrations
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Stoner Vibrations When it comes to Stoner Rock, you can't get much better than this, in my opinion. One of my favourite albums in my collection. I really hope they're coming out with new stuff soon. If I'm ever in Quebec City, I'll be sure to see if these guys are playing. 10/10 Favorite track: Blindsided.
Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger Excellent Canadian stoner rock album, great tracks and executed brilliantly. In one word, tight Favorite track: Scar.
Mr. Starsmore
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Mr. Starsmore What an album!! Caught me really by surprise. Mega riffing music, with a top class vocalist - this guy can REALLY sing. 'Bottomless Lies' - what a riff! Buy it now - the cd & packaging are superb! Hope album #2 is soon!! Favorite track: Bottomless Lies.
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“SCREAM QUEEN” by SANDVEISS was recorded in Quebec city between May 4th and October 6th of 2013 by Raphael Malenfant at “Broil Studio” (Mk I) and “Studio Du Roi”.The Hammond organ was recorded by Jp Fortin.

Mixed by Raphael Malenfant .
Mastered by Raphael Malenfant and François C. Fortin.

Beautiful artwork and layout by Alexandre Goulet.

This album was produced by Luc Bourgeois, Raphael Malenfant and SANDVEISS.

All rights reserved


released December 8, 2013

Daniel Girard: bass.
Dzemal Trtak: drums
Shawn Rice: guitar
Luc Bourgeois: guitar and lead vocal.

Guest vocalist on "Scar": Francois Couture


all rights reserved



SANDVEISS Quebec City, Québec

Sandveiss is a Quebec City, Qc rock band that formed in 2011.

Luc Bourgeois / Guitar and Vocals
Shawn Rice / Guitar
Maxime Moisan / Bass
Dominic Gaumond / Drums

For booking, please contact Patrick
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Track Name: Blindsided

Don't blink, the hits come from nowhere
Uneasy thought, it dosen't play fair
Pinned down by the invisible purge, shaking from inside
My needle pierced mind is on the verge

Weak scream, still dizzy from the first try
Loud noise, a very subtle cry
Can't tell by the way it looks, veiled poison gift
Still frail from what it took...

A perfect broken part
It's never goin' away
A perfect broken part
It's never goin' away
Oh never goin' away

Please let me go, no one's going to care
Time to go to sleep, so tired, hard to bare
Rejoice a fall from grace, I'll see you to the grave
Blissful stabbing pain, I see blood pouring rain

Stare me down I won't look away
Hollow hands try to slit my throat again
Deepest roots won't see the light of day
Make it rain till the levee breaks the bane

Sweet embrace, the ending grey
Tortured soul, the canvas made insane
End game near, watching the decay
Falling leaves, the season has been tame
Feel it's pain…
Track Name: Do You Really Know
Do You Really Know

Run! Run! It's time to get out of there
Put your mask on, you better hide your face
Ears wide open to hear the truth
But do you really know who you're talking to?

(Pre Chorus)Anger needs to be released
Open wounds that never heal

(Chorus) Do you really know, who you’re talking to?
Do you really know?

(Bridge) Caught in the cold down a hole, you call your home
Waiting for the sun to rise, to dry your soaked bones (x2)

Your scream is music to the ear
No sympathy to your disease

(Pre Chorus)You feel totally obsolete
Weakened and tired by your defeat
Although you served them well
They left you down in hell

Track Name: Untie Me
Untie Me

I can't save you
I'm no saviour
I can't save you

You locked me in your
Beautiful sin
But I can't save you

(Chorus) My hands hurt and I can't see
Please untie me
I am of no help, can't you see?
Please untie me

You say the world would be a better place to live in if I stay with you
I think my world would come to an end if I do so
But can't you hear the little voice in your head that's telling you you're deeply wrong
I can't save you


I can't save you
I'm no saviour
I can't save you

You locked me in your
Beautiful sin
But I can't save you

Track Name: Scar

Release your mind, knowing it's time
First tears from burning sunlight
Enter the game, never the same
Embrace the coldest wind, always to blame

(Pre chorus) Slaves no more, never goin' to back down
Your lies have scarred me to the bone

(Chorus) You think I'm scared of you, no easy way out
This time I own the night, not taking it anymore

Not scared to see the next day, a break from the old way
Never again
Not knowing where it takes you, years lost never found truth
Bleeding again

(Pre chorus)


Release your mind/ not scared to see the next day
Knowing it's time/ a break from the old way
First tears from burning sunlight
Enter the game/ not knowing where it takes you
Never the same/ years lost never found truth
Embrace the coldest wind, always to blame

(Pre chorus 2) Years lost never seem to be found
A grey sky follows me around
Slaves no more, never goin' to back down
Your lies have scarred me to the bone

Track Name: The Bomb
The Bomb

I can hear the call
Sounds like the purest signal
The alarm’s pulsing through my head
Time to move on
It strikes me like a bomb

(Chorus) The bomb that blew my bones away on that day
Don't make me stay
Taken astray
Wake up a new day

Things are getting old now
Feeding the "how and why"
A starving mother tryin' to feed her child
Time to move on
It strikes me like a bomb
The bomb that blew my bones away on that day.......

(Bridge) Not going down on that same old path again
Burn those bridges, there is no turning back
Inhale the smoke, blind man no more
Forward march to sights unseen

(Chorus) (x2)
Track Name: Bottomless Lies
Bottomless lies

As currents sway
She sways out of my way all the time
Pursuing the chase
Chasing around keeps it alive
She never turns back
You drift in the path she leaves behind
Denying or blind
But wasting your time

(Chorus) Looking for truth, bottomless lies (x4)

As currents sway
She sways out of my way all the time
Pursuing the chase
Chasing around keeps it alive
Jump in the game
Or not it's the same, the water still flows
Sweeping beneath your feet
Shattered streets


(Bridge) Craving for the lure of your despair
Diggin' through the mounds of broken thoughts
To see the light of day....

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: Dead Man Stare
Dead Man Stare

Have you ever felt the rain?
The water peeling your skin
Everything is in vein
Gonna call your next of kin

(Pre Chorus) All seeing eyes
Piercing glare
Razor sharp thorn in hand
Release the blood
Dead man stare
One last walk in the burning sands

(Chorus) In the desert
A lost soul
Let it claim you whole
Claim your places
With the lost souls
Let it consume you whole

Pulsating pressure of time
A point of no return, victimless crime
No one can read your double thought
Wrath of sanity, untiable knot

(Pre Chorus)


(Bridge) Rise from the breathless cloud
Choking karma from within
Find your twin in this crowd
Your true mirror image of sin...

(Pre Chorus)

Track Name: Green For Gold
Green For Gold

You think you can move mountains but your heart is weak
You're pleased to think that you can walk all over me
All over me

Sunbeams and waterflows are proving you wrong
You vampires, sucking life out of their own daugthers and sons
Your own daughters and sons

(Chorus) You have no remorse, trading green for gold
Leading to a blackened world, by trading green for gold

The never ending hunger for more and more
The Devil in a saviour’s disguise, blinding us all
Blinding us all


(Bridge) You have no have no remorse
Trading green for have no remorse

You think your power and your glory will last forever
Don't be surprised if you're devoured by the sands of time


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